This tutorial is © voodoobecky designs 2013. Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. This Tutorial was written For those with a basic Knowledge of PSP. I used PSP9 but any version will do.

The Scrap Kit Used for this Tutorial is all for Love and is by Bits N Bobs a Ptu and can be found at Pics For DesignsHERE
The Awesome Tube used is by Alex Prihodko and can also be purchased at Pics For Design HERE
Mask is by Weescotlass Creations and is Mask WSL_170 and cand be found HERE

OK Lets Get Started!

Open transparent image 600x600.
Flood fill white.
Select all/Layers/New Layer Open Paper 12 copy and paste into selection . Select none.
open mask WSL_170. Go to layers/ New mask layer/From Image/Select mask in Source window.check source luminance and invert mask data is checked Hit ok.
Merge Group.close layer.
Open element 23 resize by 45%,using magic wand select inside of frame,Go to layers/new layer. Open paper 1,copy and paste into selection.drag layer under frame. Open mask Layer. Open elementAFL-3 . Copy and paste,resize by 65% add drop shadow .
Open element 46 copy nad paste above last layer, resize by 45%,Add drop shadow.
Copy and paste your main tube Resize by 30% place on image as if she laying on last 2 layers, Add drop shadow.
Open element AFL-2 copy and paste to left of image,drag below main tube,Add drop shadow.
Open element AFL-58 copy and paste to the bottom of image, Duplicate this layer twice. rename layers 1,2,3.
Using Crop Tool crop around main image to get rid of excess white Background..
Making sure layer named 1 is highlighted and layers 2 and 3 are closed go to Adjust/add noise/65%
Close layer 1 highlight and open layer 2 add noise 75%.
Repeat this step with layer 3 changing to 85%.
Ok Now let's add our credits and Text. I used the font-Jillian Gothic colour- #ffffff/Stroke width 1/colour-#9f0101 .
Ok we are ready to animate.
Open Animation Shop, copy merged with layer 1 open and highlighted and paste into AS.Repeat this step with the next two layers but pasting after current frame. Save As
And We are done. I hope you enjoyed This tutorial.